Water Projects
Water System Improvements
Client: Puerto De Luna MDWCA
This project was completed in two phases. The first phase included replacement of 30,000 L.F. of 6 inch water distribution line, installation of fire hydrants, water lines, valving etc. in the community of Puerto De Luna. The project included crossing the Pecos River in two locations. Phase II included the installation of over six miles of water main from Santa Rosa to the north end of the distribution line together with a 48k gal storage reservoir. Total construction cost was in excess of $1.4M.

General Water System Improvements
Client: Town of Silver City, NM
The Town of Silver City water system, which currently serves more than 18,000 consumers, is a very complex regional system stretching over a distance of approximately 15 miles north to south, and 10 miles east to west with a difference in elevation of approximately 1200 feet. There are five separate pressure zones within the system. The Town experienced rapid population growth during the 1970's and by 1982 was experiencing severe operational problems including excessive leakage (unaccounted for water losses were in excess of 25%), excessive pressure in some areas coupled with insufficient pressures in others, extreme power costs and high maintenance costs.

In 1983 Engineers Inc. was hired to perform an evaluation of the system and complete a master plan for improvements. Our evaluation of the system included a computerized hydraulic model of the entire system together with extensive evaluation of all factors affecting operation. The study was completed in January 1984 and recommended 15 major capital improvements to be completed over a 20 year period. We then began the process of assisting the Town in locating the necessary funding.

Based on the study the Town has since completed over $5,859,000 of improvements including construction of four major booster pumping stations, two of which were located in the well fields south of Town, renovation of two existing booster pumping facilities, construction of 66,640 lineal feet of transmission line up to 24 inches in diameter, construction of four water reservoirs and renovation of all existing reservoirs in the system, developing and equipping of a water well (1200 G.P.M.), automation of the entire system, and significant restructuring of the system. The improvements have resulted in operational cost savings of over $400,000 per year. Pressure problems have been solved. The Town has been able to supply water to a number of outlying areas in desperate need, because they have the hydraulic capability of doing so. Engineers Inc. continues on contract with the Town and has recently completed a 40-year water plan for the State Engineers Office. Since early 1994 the Town has experienced a surge of growth, particularly in the outlying areas which has precipitated new demands on the system for which we continue to work with the Town to find solutions.

Water Tank Improvements
Client: Timberon Water & Sanitation District
The project consisted of the grading of a new tank site for a 375,000 gallon water tank, the foundation and the construction of the water tank with its connections to the existing water system. The project included the installation of an auto valve and meter assembly, piping modifications to connect to the existing tank and filling the new tank. A six foot security fence with two double gates surrounds the tank site.

Village of Loving Water System Improvements
Client: Village of Loving
System evaluation and feasibility study of Loving's aging water system was performed to produce a preliminary engineering report and environmental report as well as complete emergency remedial repairs at the well field. As a result of the PER, funding was obtained for reconstruction of the system in three phases. Phase I involved drilling exploration for a new water source and construction of two new water supply wells. Phase II completed installation of power and piping to the new wells, construction of a well control building, a 130,000 gallon storage tank, 4 miles of 12" PVC transmission line and 1 mile of 6" PVC main to the Village cemetery. Phase III completed an additional 4 miles of 12" PVC transmission line as well as renovation of the water storage and distribution system in the Village, including new automated meter reading equipment.

Southside Water Tank Project
Client: City of Lordsburg
Engineers Inc. provided a topogaphic/utility survey, preliminary design and environmental assessment to assist the City of Lordsburg in submitting a successful grant application for the Southside Water Tank project. The scope of construction for the water tank consists of a new 1.25 MG reservoir adjacent to the existing 2.5 MG gallon reservoir and replacement of the water main that feeds the City of Lordsburg from the reservoir site into town as far as funding permitted. Engineers Inc. completed water system improvements in the past to the exterior of the existing tank as well as improvements along the water main that feeds the City from the reservoir site in the form of installing a new chlorination system on the water main located within the &City Yard& located south of town. The project was completed in December 2010. The inlet / outlet configuration for the new reservoir maximizes water circulation so that stagnant water conditions do not develop.

Water System Improvements Phases I-IV
Client: Brazito MDWCA
Engineers Inc. has completed four projects for the Brazito MDWCA. The projects included improvements to the water supply, storage and distribution system. Services for Brazito MDWCA included preliminary engineering reports, design, final plans, specifications and contract documents. Construction services and observation were also provided for the projects. Overall, the system improvements, included a water well, over 38,000 feet of transmission and distributions lines, along with new storage tanks. Phase IV of the projects, which had construction completed in April of 2010, included new distribution lines and water meters. The water meters were part of an upgrade to an automatic meter reading system which was implemented into the existing system. The automatic meter reading system was a drive-by system which allowed for quick meter reading and a reduction in man hours and resources being dedicated to collecting meter readings. The system software utilized for the AMR, compiled the data collected in the field and, summarized the readings for use in the billing system, utilized by the Brazito MDWCA.

Water System Improvements
Client: Picacho MDWCA, Las Cruces, NM
The Picacho MDWCA Water System Improvements project included replacement of water mains with larger diameter pipe and a new 8" water main along Shalem Colony Trail. Water storage capacity of the system was increased with the construction of a new 250,000 gallon water storage tank and flow meter located adjacent to the existing water system tanks. Rehabilitation of the Chavez Well included cleaning of the well casing, new column pipe, wiring, pump controller, control valves, pressure sensors, gas chlorination system and flow meter. An old booster pump station and associated storage tank located near the Picacho Well was demolished and removed from the site. A SCADA system was installed to improve monitoring and control of the water system. Service meters in the system were replaced with an automatic meter read system.

RUS Water and Wastewater System Improvements
Client: City of Bayard, NM
The water portion of the project included 330 linear feet of 6-inch class 150 DR18 PVC water main and appurtenances, 50 linear feet of 3/4" SDR-7 water service line, water meters, meter boxes and taps. Most of the work took place within the City of Bayard right-of-way which required detailed planning and construction due to existing underground utilities, such as water and sewer mains (which were abandoned in place), gas mains and telephone and fiber-optic lines. The project also included the surveying and preparation of 20 utility easements where the new water and wastewater distribution system was placed within private property. This project is being funded by the USDA Rural Utilities Service which awarded the City of Bayard a Colonias Grant in the amount of $2,032,496.00 along with a loan in the amount of $203,000.00 for the engineering and construction of these upgrades.

The wastewater portion encompassed several construction areas throughout the City of Bayard by replacing, paralleling and tying into the existing wastewater system with roughly 11,550 linear feet of new 8-inch SDR sewer mains, 2,700 linear feet of new 4-inch sewer service line, 1,300 linear feet of 8" cast-in-place piping, 45 new sewer manholes, the rehabilitation of 11 existing sewer manholes as well as 2,400 linear feet of concrete sewer main encasement, 6,000 linear feet of asphalt pavement removal and patching, concrete pavement patching, concrete sidewalk patching and curb and gutter replacement where applicable.