Transportation Projects
Hamilton Road Reconstruction, Phase II
Client: City of Alamogordo
This project was designed to include drainage outfalls to the west of Hamilton Drive's drainage problems identified in the Phase I Scoping Report. Construction includes approximately 1.25 miles of Hamilton Road between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and future Manchester Road. New pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks south of Desert Lakes Road, and ADA ramps at improved intersections were installed. Two concrete box culverts, new storm water crossings, parallel storm drains, drainage channels, retention ponds and the relocation of underground water and sewer lines at various locations were included in the project design.

Nizhoni Boulevard Extension Phase II
Client: McKinley County/NMDOT
The Nizhoni Boulevard Extension Phase II (total construction cost approximately $4,000,000.) was originally designed based on the County's direction for a northern corridor extension of the existing Nizhoni Boulevard Phase I. Phase II was partially funded by the Federal Government; the project was shelved while additional funding was sought through the NM Legislature. When legislative funds were allocated in early 2006 the Federal funds were set to expire in September 30, 2006. Due in part to a future major hospital along the northern corridor the County opted for a new design south of the future hospital location. Engineers Inc., with the help of the NMDOT District 6 and McKinley County, fast tracked the new design beginning in May 2006 through August 2006. Bids were opened at the beginning of September and the Construction Contract was executed by September 29, 2006; we met the Federal funding deadline and construction began in November 2006. During the NMDOT Final Plan set review in Gallup, Engineers Inc. was complimented on the high quality of the design plans and our ability to meet the aggressive fast track schedule. We were complimented throughout construction by NMDOT District 6 for the comprehensive and well designed plan set.

Bullard/Broadway Street and Sidewalk Replacement
Client: Town of Silver City, NM
This project included replacement of sidewalk, landscaping, preparation of new handicap ramps and preparation for new lighting in the downtown business district. The project is constructed in a historic district with high sidewalks. Extensive coordination was required with State Historic Preservation Office, Governors' Committee for the Handicapped, the NMSHTD, the Town of Silver City Main Street Organization, and all affected merchants. Engineers Inc. was able to increase the number of parking spaces available for business. (The innovative design and unique public participation process gained the project the NATIONAL QUALITY INITIATIVE AWARD for the State of New Mexico.) The project is also being used by the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Compliance Board as a model for communities to follow throughout the nation.

Cedar Street Extension Phases I and II, and III
Client: City of Deming, NM
Cedar Street was completed in three phases. The$4,000,000.+ project has been fully constructed and includes curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, earthwork, drainage, lighting and pedestrian and cycling facilities. Phase I, approximately 2500 feet of the new street was built in conjunction with the new Wal-Mart Super Center. It parallels Interstate 10 and allows cargo trucks alternate access to the loading docks. Construction in this phase included the new Pine Street (US70)/Cedar Street intersection. Phase II, 2650 feet, continued the same typical street section and connected Phase I with Country Club Road. Design in this phase included the future permanent intersection of Country Club and Cedar. Phase III started at the intersection of Country Club Road and ended at a new intersection with Pine Street/US 70. The new intersection included turn lanes and design to accomodate future growth along the Phase III corridor. The east end of the Phase II corridor has one new motel and a second is under construction.

US 180 Urban Highway Improvements
Client: NMDOT
Engineers Inc. and our US 180 sub-consultant team completed a location study, preliminary design and final design for improvement of approximately 1.3 miles of US 180 through Silver City. The low bid on the project was $6,759,000 which was approximately $1M below the project budget. Construction was completed in 2008. The project provided for upgrades for traffic flow and safety improvements and included multi-modal improvements (including bicycle lanes, improved pedestrian facilities and bus stops), signal coordination and replacement as necessary, the addition of two signalized intersections, lighting improvements, geometric improvements to many of the numerous access points along the corridor (including private driveways, local streets, collectors and medians), geometric improvements including the addition of turning lanes to major intersections, consolidation of many of the driveways, new curb and gutter, pavement improvements, added turn lanes and deceleration lanes, and drainage improvements including the addition of storm sewers. The location study involved extensive public involvement as a full range of alternatives for improving mobility for vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic were identified and evaluated. The Study Team worked in conjunction with the Town of Silver City, Grant County, state agency representatives, a walk-ability/cycling group and a citizen's advisory committee. The design process involved extensive one-on-one interaction with affected property owners to resolve issues pertaining to access and parking.

Diaz Avenue Street Improvements - Phases I & II
Client: Town of Hurley, NM
Diaz Avenue was completed in two phases. The project included reconstruction of the existing roadway, widening to accommodate bicycle lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalk on both sides with decorative lighting. Numerous side streets were re-graded, and received curb and gutter with ADA facilities at the newly constructed corners with Diaz Avenue. A parallel drainage swale to Diaz Avenue had to be designed under each side street to convey the storm run-off and due to limited surfacing cover, some streets required a special trench drain structure with grates at side street intercept elevations. Additionally, Carrasco Avenue was improved with the Diaz Avenue project to have a reconstructed connection from U.S. #180 to Diaz Avenue.

Little Walnut Road Reconstruction
Client: Town of Silver City, NM
Little Walnut Road is a two and one-half mile arterial street that accesses an elementary school as well as a primary residential growth area north of Silver City. Engineers Inc. has worked with the Town of Silver City on several phases of an improvement project, including the addition of a 10-inch sewer trunk main, replacement of the water mainline (8" to 24"), reconstruction of the existing two lane rural roadway section into a four lane urban section with curb and gutter, bike lanes, pedestrian facilities, and a signalized intersection with US Highway 180. The project also included major drainage improvements; an extensive storm drain system and a storm detention basin; and involved an extensive public involvement effort; public meetings, news media releases, and interviews with all adjacent property owners. Two phases of the roadway have been constructed; the final phase is awaiting funding availability.

Spruce Street Realignment with Pine Street
Client: City of Deming, NM
The existing alignment on the east end of Spruce Street in Deming, New Mexico, intersected Pine Street at a very acute angle. Spruce Street was realigned to intersect closer to a more desirable angle and to also line up with a major entrance road into a large shopping center area that included a Wal-mart on one side of the shopping center access road to Pine Street and numerous other commercial developments on the other side of the access road. The eastbound lanes of the four-lane divided Pine Street were also realigned and a new and narrower median provided. Pine Street in Deming is also a New Mexico State Highway.

Existing access had to be adjusted to fit the new intersection and the intersection geometry was complicated by another side street named Mesa Street which made the pre-development area a five-legged intersection. The complicated access of Mesa Street to still have at least one-way access, required numerous geometry iterations, coordination, and reviews by NMDOT personnel until the final design was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

This new intersection also received the design for a near future signalization addition with all underground work for the signals included, expecting the above ground installation for signals to be completed after the intersection warrants the signal. Roadway and intersection lighting was also provided in the design. Additional property acquisition and utility easement graphics were determined and the appropriate legal instruments were provided to the City for land use and transfer of ownership changes. A Scoping Report, preliminary, pre-final, and final design progress milestone plans/reports were provided for client and funding agencies reviews and approvals.