Our Vision
"To Serve our Communities with Quality and Integrity"
All members of Engineers Inc. are committed to serving each client personally and professionally with the highest ethics in an atmosphere of integrity and honesty, and to delivering quality products and service. Seasoned senior professionals in our areas of service are dedicated to quality assurance and have final approval authority over deliverables. Rigid quality control is enforced to assure delivery of high-quality results.
Maintaining our rural orientation and perspective, we use proven technologies and seek the simplest solutions to overcome financial and technical constraints of the communities who will operate and maintain the systems. Many of our clients are small water associations, municipalities and rural county governments that have limited fiscal capacity and cannot afford even minor budget overruns. Dependent on federal and state government grants that require rigid schedule compliance to qualify for future funding, Engineers Inc. is highly successful in bringing their projects in on time and on budget.
Our Professional Team
Dave Maxwell,
We welcome your questions and the opportunity to meet and discuss the custom services Our Professional Team will provide for your project as we have for all Our Clients.
Our History
Founded in 1977, our firm is staffed with well-qualified, experienced designers, engineering technicians, CADD operators and Administrative personnel, providing a full range of essential planning, design and construction management services in an environment of advancing technology and increasing regulation. Additionally, we provide research and funding source assistance to help prepare grant applications to all state and federal agencies.